Historical Sites in Uganda, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine – A Must-See

Historical Sites in Uganda, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine – A Must-See

Historical Sites in Uganda

Historical Sites in Uganda, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine – A Must-See


Located in Wakiso district within close proximity to Kampala is the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. The beautiful shrine’s exterior is made of 22 copper pillars over 100 feet long.

The shrine was built to honor 32 young men who were pages of king Mwanga II of Buganda. On June 3rd, 1886 the men were burnt to death for refusing to renounce Christianity.

Each year on the anniversary of their deaths, thousands of Christians from across the world congregate at this shrine, one of the must see (Historical Sites in Uganda) to commemorate the lives and religious beliefs of the martyrs. June 3rd, 2015 documented an estimate of two million attendees.

The Namugongo Shrines, one of the must see (Historical Sites in Uganda), were first recognized by Joshua Serufusa-Zake (1884–25 June 1985) when he was the Sabaddu of Kira Sub-County. He constructed a structure at the Namugongo site, where it appears shrines were built later for prayer.

His interest in Christianity was enhanced by his father’s participation in the wars that brought Christianity to Uganda. His father, Semei Musoke Seruma Katiginya, had earned a name for brevity “Ngubu” from the wars.

Twenty-two of the Catholic martyrs were canonized by Pope Paul VI on 18 October 1964 and are regarded as saints in the Catholic Church. A basilica has been built at the spot where the majority of them were burned to death.

A church stands at the place where the Anglican martyrs met their death, about 2 miles (3.2 km) further east from the Basilica of the Uganda Martyrs.

Documentation is available on 45 martyrs but it is believed that many more believers met their death at the command of Kabaka Mwanga II between 1885 and 1887.

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