Historical Sites of Uganda, Nyero Rock Paintings – A Must-See

Historical Sites of Uganda

Historical Sites of Uganda, Nyero Rock Paintings – A Must-See


Uganda is blessed with amazing sights and sites. Some of these sights and sites are found in the least expected places. In booking for safari packages to Uganda, one would only think of gorilla tracking, game drives, white water rafting or mountain climbing.

It is rare for anyone to include Kumi district in Eastern Uganda as a tourist destination, and yet it is. Near Kumi town, close to a little known village called Nyero. These shelters have some of the oldest art in the country (Historical Sites of Uganda). They have the oldest rock paintings in Uganda, as old as the Stone Age.

Nyero Rock Paintings one of the many ancient rock-art sites scattered around eastern Uganda. It is one of the easiest to reach, and one of the few that’s worth the effort to do so.

It is an early Iron Age site (Historical Sites of Uganda) and the rock paintings are found in three rock shelters. Some of the paintings represent animals, concentric circles and canoes. The main site, known as Nyero 2, is a big white wall covered in groups of red circles, boats and some vaguely human and animal forms.

Nyero Rock Paintings in Kumi, Eastern UgandaArchaeologists have yet to unravel the significance of the designs, who painted them and even when they did so. Nyero 1, with a few more circles, lies just below the main site while Nyero 3, where you probably won’t notice the modest painting unless someone shows you, is a few hundred meters north. The surrounding countryside is littered with bouldery peaks and cacti, giving it a Wild West feel.

Nyero may be the most protected rock art site in East Africa (Historical Sites of Uganda) and justifiably so given its prehistoric value to Uganda and Africa at large. UNESCO chose to describe it as three tiered rock shelters with primitive paintings on their inner surfaces.

The meaning of these paintings is yet to be demystified since 1250 AD the era in which it is said they were made. The Nyero Rock Paintings are the place where the Stone Age we read about comes to life, manifesting what we shared with those who lived over 750 years ago.

Art lived then, and it lives on now probably more on canvas that it does on rocks as it did back then. It is a common heritage, a link to our ancestors and even more, a site worth visiting on a Safari in Uganda.

There are similar rock paintings such as Mukongoro which is also located in Kumi, Dolwe Island on Lake Victoria in Namayingo District, Komuge in Bukedea District, Kapiri and Kakoro in Pallisa District.

During your tour at the Nyero, you will get a guide who will show you around the caves, explain the local stories that are attached to the caves and the paintings and teach you a little bit of Ugandan ancient history and perhaps legend. The Nyero rock paintings are 9km west of Kumi town on the Ngora Road in Eastern Uganda., an easy day trip from Mbale, Sipi or even Jinja.

The Nyero rock paintings are an amazing part of Uganda’s tourism. It is a site that you need to visit if you are on safari. Do make it a point to add this scenic historical site on your Uganda safari, and above all, contact us for details on how you can visit this amazing painting. One of the best Historical Sites of Uganda. Trek Gorilla safaris offers the following packages;



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