13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari
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13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari

13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari

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13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari

The 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari route includes: Kampala – Jinja – Mbale City -Murchison Falls – Kibale Forest – Queen Elizabeth – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Mgahinga Forest – Lake Bunyonyi and back to Kampala.

We take you on an adrenaline experience on your first days of the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari to awaken your adventurous spirit via the Source of the Mighty Nile River through the whitewaters and bungee jumping, what an experience you have.

For 10 more days, Uganda displays the beauty naratives can never describe through western Uganda’s savannah grassland and mighty rain forest jungles with trees so high, jungles so thick and wild life so vibrant.

The Uganda Exclusive safari is one you’ll not forget about especially when you meet the playful chimps of Kibale, the tree climbing lions of Ishasha and the gentle giants of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. At the height of the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari you get to meet the incredible evolution forgotten, endangered mountain gorillas on a gorilla trekking expedition through the jungles of Bwindi & Mgahinga Forest. Take a look at the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari highlights bellow to get your wild side aroused.

Safari Highlights

  • A visit to the source of the Nile River in Jinja to see the spot where the Mighty River Nile begins its 6,700 Km journey through Sudan and Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • An opportunity to indulge in water sports such as white water rafting and kayaking at the world famous Bujagali & Itanda Falls along the Nile River as well as bungee jumping at the Source of the Nile
  • The awesome and exciting experience of spending time with the Gorillas and watching at close range asthey feed, play and relax.
  • The thrill of trekking the wild but habituated chimpanzees and other primates in their natural environment
  • Enjoying game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park and a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel.
  • An encounter with the Batwa (native forest dwellers) for a demonstration of their former hunting and trapping techniques, and how to make ointments from native plants to cure all manner of ailments.
  • A visit to a Batwa home to see the traditional huts used for grinding millet, cooking over an open fire and distilling local potent gin (Waragi)
  • Hiking the volcanic mountains topped with beautiful crater lakes and enjoying the spectacular scenic view of the Virunga mountain ranges
  • The rare treat at the beautifully created Lake Bunyonyi where you will enjoy cool canoe rides as you spot splendid varieties of birds and wildlife; marvel at spectacular scenic views and experience native cultural exposures.
  • An opportunity to stand in two hemispheres at the Equator for memorable photos.



Day 1: Travel to Jinja

You begin the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari by travelling to Jinja in the eastern parts of Uganda; a town endowed with remarkable tourist attractions that include the Source of the mighty River Nile and the Bujagali Falls. Jinja is also the place for the spectacular White water rafting and bungee jumping adventures.

The first stop will be at Ssezibwa Falls. The falls have a cultural bearing in the region due to the myths behind its formation. It is believed that this river was born of a woman and is a spiritual and cultural center where many natives flock for blessings and wealth fortunes. A traditional healer performs ceremonies for those seeking love, children, business deals or a good harvest.

The site has several bird species which present a wonderful opportunity for bird watching. It is also popular for camping, guided nature walks, boat drive/canoeing, community walks, hiking, primate walks and rock climbing. You will proceed to Mabira Forest, a semi-deciduous forest famous for walking and cycling trails. The forest is home to various species of primates, over 100 species of large moths, butterfly fauna, and about 300 species of birds. You will continue to Jinja and visit the source of the Nile after which you will retire to the Hotel of your booking for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Jinja Nile Resort / Wild Waters Lodge
Midrange: Gately Jinja Guest House / 2 Friends Guest house
Budget: Black Lantern Nile Porch
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Visit to Itanda Falls and travel to Mbale

You will have breakfast and go for sightseeing of the Bujagali Falls and Itanda Falls renowned for rafting adventures. You will return to your Hotel for lunch after which you will travel to the Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa through breathtaking mountainous scenery that characterizes this part of the country. You dinner and overnight will be at Lacam Lodge.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Sipi hike –Kampala

You will after breakfast go to the trailhead at Kapkwata to meet your guide who will take you for a hike to the stunning Sipi falls. Sipi offers activities such as rock climbing and abseiling and walks through communities with a rich heritage and culture. You will return to your lodge for lunch and later set off for Kampala.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Kampala Hotel/ Kampala Serena Hotel/ Emin Pasha Hotel
Midrange: Shangri-La Hotel Kampala
Budget: Namirembe Guest house
Meal Plan: Breakfast only

Day 4: Travel to Murchison Falls National Park

After the adrenaline safari through eastern Uganda, the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari takes you North-Western to the Beautiful Murchison Falls route to meet the Africa Big 5 game. We drive north-west through the famous Luwero Triangle and, travel to Masindi via Ziwa Rhino Project where you will have the opportunity to trek the Rhinos. The sanctuary houses Uganda’s Rhino reintroduction project. You will continue to Masindi Town for lunch and later drive to Murchison Falls National Park. The entire journey takes 6-7 hours.

You will have dinner and overnight at the lodge of your booking.

Accommodation Options:
Up-market: Paraa Safari Lodge/ Nile Safari Lodge
Midrange: Fort Murchison (in rooms)/ Murchison River Lodge
Budget: Fort Murchison in tents/ Murchison River Lodge in tents / Red Chili
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Game drive and Boat trip to bottom of falls

You will wake up very early and set off at 6.30am to cross the river by ferry for a dawn game drive on the Northern bank of the river. With the help of a guide you will spot Elephants, Lions, Cape buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, hartebeest, Waterbuck, Oribi, Bushbuck, Bohor reedbuck, hyenas and if you are lucky, the leopard.

You will return to your lodge for breakfast and lunch after which you will go for a boat safari upstream the calm Victoria Nile to the base of the falls stopping just tens of meters from the “Devil’s Cauldron” popular for taking pictures of the majestic Murchison falls. En-route, you will see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks and Uganda Kob. This area is also home to many bird species like the Goliath heron, Egyptian goose, Pelican bee-eater, Kingfisher, Hornbill, Cormorant and the rare Shoebill stork. You will after the boat launch return to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Travel to Kibale National Park

You will have breakfast and head downwards to Kibale Forest National Park via Fort Portal town. This town rests in the shadows of the Rwenzori Mountain, the fabled “Mountains of the Moon”. Along this route you will pass through verdant countryside dotted with traditional homesteads and farms along the Albertine Rift escarpments. We shall have Lunch in this town after which we shall depart for the Kibale National Park, arriving in the evening.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Ndali Lodge/ Kyaninga Lodge/ Kibale Forest Lodge/ Primate Lodge
Midrange: Kibale Forest Camp/ Mountains of the Moon Hotel
Budget: Chimpanzee Forest Guest house/ Kibale Forest Camp in tents / Rwenzori Travellers Hotel
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Chimp trek and Bigodi swamp walk

After breakfast on day seven of the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari, you will go for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park, where the greatest variety and highest concentration of primates in East Africa is exceptionally represented. Here you will search for the wild chimpanzee, red-tailed monkey, black-and-white colobus monkey and many others. A guide will provide detailed explanationson the primates and the forest fauna and flora to ensure that your walk is informative. The walk takes 2-3 hours after which you will return to your lodge for lunch and later head for Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Mweya Safari Lodge / Katara Lodge
Mid-range: Ihamba Safari Lodge/ Bush Lodge / Buffalo Safari Resort / Enganzi Lodge
Budget: Bush Lodge

Day 8: Game drive and nature walk in Queen Elizabeth National Park

You will rise very early (06.30am) and with your packed lunch go for a morning game drive to catch-up with the early risers and predators returning to their hideouts. You will most likely meet grazing Hippos, Elephants, and Lions, spotted Hyenas, bush buck, water buck, stripped jackal, comical warthogs and the elusive leopard. You will proceed to Maramagambo forest to see pythons in the crevices of the bat cave floor where they wait for their prey, the bats. The cave is near a former lake and Hunters cave. You may also see forest birds such as bat hawks, brown eared woodpecker and other primates.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Mweya Safari Lodge / Katara Lodge
Mid-range: Ihamba Safari Lodge/ Bush Lodge / Buffalo Safari Resort / Enganzi Lodge
Budget: Bush Lodge

Day 9: Queen Elizabeth National Park-Bwindi

You will have an early breakfast and drive to Kyambura Gorge for a guided primate walk to see the habituated chimps, rare birds and beautiful scenery. You will after the walk proceed to Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park through the deep and wide dry craters that are occupied by savanna grasses andacacia. The drive takes you through the unique western rift valley escarpment tothe Ishasha sector where you will take on yet another game drive in search for the tree climbing lions before proceeding to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The journey to Bwindi takes about 4 hours and route is well endowed with remarkable tourist attractions at which we make stopovers. These include the savannah plains, the rolling hills and rich cultural backdrop.

Day 10: Bwindi Gorilla Tracking

The most amazing of the 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari is on the tenth day and begins here. We set off early in the morning for a 2-8 hour trek to encounter the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains. Gorilla trekking is an enjoyable experience though demanding as we go through steep and muddy conditions, sometimes with rain drizzles before encountering any Gorilla closely. The thrill of your encounter will erase the difficulties of the potentially strenuous trek.

Upon the encounter you will spend a maximum of one hour with the Gorillas, taking photos and marveling at these elusive creatures. You will watch in awe as the adult gorillas feed and groom while the youngsters frolic and swing from vines in a delightfully playful display. After gorilla trekking you will return to your lodge for lunch and some rest and if the time permits you will go for a community walk to explore the life styles of the people living around the park.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Buhoma Lodge/ Mahogany Lodge/Chameleon Hill Lodge/ Trackers Lodge Buhoma
Mid-range: Silverback Lodge / Nkuringo Gorilla Camp/ Gorilla Mist Camp
Budget: Rushaga Gorilla Camp/ Ruhija Gorilla Friends Camp/Gorilla Valley Lodge /Buhoma Community Campground

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 11: Travel to Mgahinga National Park

We drive to Kisoro town near the border with Rwanda and Congo. The drive will be through a beautiful part of the country often referred to as ‘the Switzerland of Africa’ because of its unique cool weather despite being near the Equator. You will see a great country-side, bamboo forests and have great views of the Virunga Mountains.

Dinner and overnight will be at Kisoro Traveler’s Rest Hotel.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 12: Hiking the Volcano Mountain and travelling to Lake Bunyonyi

After an early breakfast you will climb the Volcano mountain topped by swamp-filled crater and giant lobelia. Lucky climbers may spot golden monkeys on their way through the bamboo forest. We will after the climb transfer to Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale.

The lake is said to be one of the most beautiful places in East Africa because of its spectacular scenery. The landscape around the lake is made up of steep slopes covered with lush green vegetation protruding from the water’s edge.You will visit the local families and admire views of volcanoes. The journey takes 6-7 hours and you will have your lunch enroute.

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Bird’s Nest / Archadia Cottages
Midrange: Bird’s Nest
Budget: Bushara Island Camp

Day 13: Canoe ride on Lake Bunyonyi and travelling to Kampala

After an early breakfast, you will choose either to go for a canoe ride or hike to the view point on the hills to see the exceedingly beautiful scenery of this part of the country. You will then set off for Kampala with a stopover at the Equator where you will have an opportunity to stand in two hemispheres at the same time and take some photos.

You will arrive in Kampala in the late afternoon and either be transferred to the airport for your evening departure flight or to the hotel of your booking for dinner and overnight.

And that marks the end of the adventurous 13 Day Uganda Exclusive Safari with alot of stories to take back home. Chao!

Accommodation options:
Up-market: Kampala Hotel/ Kampala Serena Hotel/ Emin Pasha Hotel
Midrange: Shangri-La Hotel Kampala
Budget: Namirembe Guest house
Meal Plan: Breakfast only


With Trek Gorilla Safaris, You can chose a package that will enable you to track chimps. Inquire now and know more.

Check these packages too tailored to offer you the best chimp tracking experience;

The safari package includes:

  • Transportation in a land cruiser/super custom with pop up roof.
  • Accommodation and meals as per the itinerary
  • Igongo cultural village visit
  • Sezibwa falls visit
  • A guided walk in Mabira forest
  • Boat ride to the source of the Nile
  • Sipi falls hike
  • Volcano hike in Mgahinga
  • Boat trip in Bunyonyi
  • One Gorilla permit per person to be secured and paid for in advance
  • Park fees
  • Kibale Chimpanzee Permits
  • Kyambura Walk
  • Boat trips Murchison and Queen Elizabeth
  • Game drives
  • Community visits
  • Services of English speaking Driver/guide

Enroute lunches

The safari package excludes air ticket, personal travel insurance, visa fees, drinks, cigarettes, tips, souvenirs and any other items of a personal nature.

When to go gorilla tracking - gorilla trekking in Uganda & RwandaBEST TIME TO GO

Gorilla Viewing: Gorilla trekking can take place at any time of year with April/May and November being wetter. However, be aware that rain occurs all year round. For general game viewing safaris, the best time to go is during the dry season (between June and September).