Updated Entry Requirements to Visit Rwanda

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Updated Entry Requirements To Visit Rwanda

Rwanda like the rest of the world is still battling with COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects ever since its outbreak in 2019. On March 14, 2020, Rwanda- The Land of a Thousand Hills recorded its first coronavirus case and with COVID-19 pandemic still prevailing, all travelers on Rwanda safaris need to exercise high level of care.

Rwanda is fully open to all travelers worldwide. But, as of April 9th 2022, revised COVID-19 measures were approved which all travelers on Rwanda safaris must take note. It should also be noted that all other preventative measures remain in effect and shall be reviewed after one month upon a health assessment.

Revised entry requirements to visit Rwanda

  1. All arriving visitors at Kigali International Airport (KGL) provide a negative rapid test conducted 72 hours pre-boarding aircraft. Upon arrival at KGL, a traveler will also take PCR test, but at his or her cost at USD60.
  2. For all departing travelers, a negative PCR test/rapid test is essential, but this will be dependent on the destination requirement. The PCR test must be taken 72 hours before departure and rapid antigen tests are also acceptable. All Rwandans departing the country must be vaccinated.

Existing entry requirements to visit Rwanda

  1. All Rwanda visas can be applied online (https://migration.gov.rw).
  2. Facemasks wearing is still mandatory in public- whether you are fully vaccinated.
  3. All travelers intending to visit Rwanda must complete the Public Health Locator Form- PHPLF. This applies to all arriving visitors to Rwanda- The Land of a Thousand Hills.
  4. After fully filling the Passenger Locator Form- PLF, next upload the Negative Covid-19 test certificate before taking flight to Kigali Airport Rwanda. The PLF is available on the left side of Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) website- https://www.rbc.gov.rw.
  5. Rapid testing is still conducted and visitors who test negative can proceed with the normal Rwanda tour program or other programs without being isolated.
  6. COVID-19 tests are mandatory to adult travelers with exemption of children of 5 years and below.
  7. Body temperature screening is still mandatory at all check points including Kigali International Airport before entry.
  8. For all transiting travelers, they can be screened on entry and need not to go through testing again on arrival.
  9. Hand washing or hand sanitizing is mandatory at all entry points to Rwanda.
  10. Fully or partially vaccinated, a proof of a negative PCR test certificate taken 72 hours to visiting Rwanda must be provided to authorities by all travelers.
  11. All transiting travelers via Rwanda must complete the PLF and they must upload the negative rapid test card taken 72 hours to arrival at Kigali Airport.
  12. For departing visitors at Kigali Airport, print out of the travel certificate essential and this can be accessed via https://www.rbc.gov.rw which must be provided prior entry to the airport to take departure flight.
  13. Valid yellow fever vaccination certificates and passports are some of the other essential entry requirements to visit Rwanda.

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