Planning a perfect gorilla trip

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Have you decided to undertake a gorilla trip? Perfect decision! It’s now time to start planning your perfect gorilla trekking trip safari. Trips are generally not about perfection but that doesn’t mean leaving any option of excuses when things go astray. You wouldn’t want to become a captive of expectations that aren’t met and also, a number of things are likely to ruin your gorilla trekking experience that would have otherwise been worth lifetime memories.

Therefore, we bring you some of the important things you need to psychologically, emotionally and physically plan for your perfect gorilla trip. Our planning process caters for travellers who haven’t chosen the gorilla trekking destination, the place to lodge before or after the gorilla trekking adventure and possibly not decided on the trekking date. Having done all that, how do you plan a perfect gorilla trip?

Choose the gorilla trekking destination

There are four renowned gorilla trekking destinations in the World and the most difficult question is which one to pick? Each of these Gorilla Parks offers habituated gorilla families with unique behavior and family dynamics. So whether you’re looking for a more affordable gorilla trek, a gorilla Park that is easy to reach or a destination with lots of activities besides gorilla trekking, there is a safari destination perfectly suited to you. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is the easiest to reach, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has the highest number of gorilla families while Virunga National Park is the most affordable gorilla trekking destination.

Select a time of the year

The subsequent piece of your trip planning puzzle is figuring out the perfect time of the year to undertaking your gorilla trekking safari. Consider seasons and weather because they have a impact on the overall costing as well as availability of gorilla permits. The dry season-June to September and December to February offer the ideal conditions for trekking mountain gorillas because forest floor is not muddy or slippery but demand for gorilla permits and accommodation is higher. The temperatures soar and sunshine becomes warmer, making it the most costly time of the year to go on gorilla trips. This increases the demand for flights and accommodation, and this popularity means it is crucial to book in advance.

Pick the itineraries for your gorilla trip

There are lots of gorilla trekking itineraries to pick from, regardless of how long you ought to enjoy. With as little as 5-8 days, you can explore at least two gorilla Parks while for up to 10 days, you can trek mountain gorillas in three places.

Choose your perfect lodging facility for the gorilla trip

Choosing the ideal accommodation facility for the gorilla safari makes a huge difference for your trip and creates unforgettable experiences. Each of the Gorilla National Parks offers a plethora of lodging options, ranging from budget Safari Lodges to elegant Tented Camps and family-friendly Safari Lodges.

Secure for gorilla trekking permits in advance

Securing for gorilla trekking permits ahead of time is a perfect way to guarantee stress-free and relaxing gorilla trekking safari, which leads us to the question; when is the best time to buy gorilla permits. 3-6 months is the recommended time for booking permits for whatever destination you decide to go with. Permits in Uganda cost $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and Shs. 250,000 for East Africans. In Rwanda, gorilla permits cost $1500 per person for all visitor categories while for the Democratic Republic of Congo, permits go for $400 per person.

Pack safari essentials on-time

A number of things are crucial for undertaking gorilla trips and they include gardening gloves, sturdy walking boots for hiking high elevation areas, long safari pants, light-weight rain jacket, long-sleeved shirts, energy giving snacks, re-usable water bottle, first aid kit, insect repellant, waterproof backpack for storing the essentials during gorilla trekking adventures, toiletries, to mention but a few.

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