Our flexibilities around COVID -19 period

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All Budget Gorilla Safaris makes an effort to lay down tailor-made safari packages and unrivalled safari experiences for passionate travellers to Uganda and Rwanda by taking them to some of the most jaw-dropping safari destinations these two countries can ever offer. For our decade of operation, we have made a name in providing World-class experiences while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

For the COVID-19 period, a lot has changed leading to disruption in travel plans, postponement of safaris and in some cases cancelling of trips. Interestingly, All Budget Gorilla Safaris provide some of the most flexible safari policies in Uganda and are willing to offer a certain percentage of refunds for travellers who wish to cancel in addition to charging no change fees/expenses for those who wish to alter safaris, although are subject to a number of conditions.

When it comes to ensuring travellers’ safety while on our safaris, we ensure that our drivers comply to the measures and guidelines issued by Government Health Authorities (respective Ministries of Health in Uganda and Rwanda) as well as Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, we recommend testing and presenting of negative COVID-19 results by all travellers on our safaris to make certain that they don’t join a tour after getting exposed to places of higher risk infection.

We are open to cancelling or amending safaris to Rwanda and Uganda if required to guarantee your safety because to us, life comes first before the profits. We have also added more standards of care and watchful adoption of safety and health guidelines that include enforcing wearing of masks among all our clients, thoroughly disinfecting/sanitizing our safari vehicles before use, testing all our safari drivers to protect visitors in addition to training them through rapid response plans of COVID-19 emergencies.

Besides presenting negative COVID-19 test results, we also advise and emphasize full vaccination of all our clients (although not compulsory). Vaccination is safe and lowers your risk to acquiring and spreading COVID-19 causing virus in addition to preventing detrimental illness and death.

For travellers that get COVID-19 before our safaris, we offer flexibilities in form of refunds, hence the reason our clients book with confidence. For this reason, you can be partially refunded after testing positive for the virus. All budget Gorilla safaris always advises clients to pick pout Travel Insurance Policies that cover COVID-19 related matters and the good news is that most Insurance providers have included it among services provided. Right from time of inception of Company, we have always placed visitor safety and wellbeing at the center of everything we provide.

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