World Heritage Sites in East Africa

World Heritage Sites in East Africa that you should not miss in your Safari

East Africa’s primeval natural splendor and untamed rawness are among the region’s major draw cards. Experiencing this magnificence – whether gazing across vast plains trammeled by thousands of wildebeest, or surrounded by moist, dripping rainforest echoing with the calls of mountain gorillas – is likely to be a highlight of any visit.

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For an unforgettable sampling of East Africa’s wildlife, culture and history, plan a trip focused on UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are about 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda; From the oldest (Simien National Park, 1978) to youngest (Thimlich Ohinga Archaeological Site, 2018).

In Tanzania, move from the snowy heights of Mt Kilimanjaro to the plains of the Serengeti and the varied expanses of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, before heading into the wilds of Selous Game Reserve and on to the coast. Here, the ruins at Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara carry you back into the centuries, while the winding, cobbled alleyways of Zanzibar’s Stone Town draw you deeper into history with every turn.

In Kenya, divide your time between fascinating Lamu Old Town, with its well-preserved Swahili lifestyle and time-warp atmosphere; the glacier-clad summit and forested slopes of Mt Kenya National Park; and the remote Lake Turkana national parks in the far north – consisting of South Island National Park and Central Island National Park, and Sibiloi National Park, with its wealth of ancient archaeological finds.

Uganda rounds out East Africa’s UNESCO trio with the rugged, snow-dusted heights of Rwenzori Mountains National Park; the misty Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; and the mystery shrouded Kasubi tombs in Kampala, which are at the spiritual heart of traditional Uganda.

If you need a fully inclusive East African safaris that feature World Heritage Sites, please let us know.  We know East Africa and we know how to put together a safari that suite your desires. We can as well combine or tailor your safari to include all highlights such as white water rafting, game viewing, gorilla trekking, cultural experiences among others.

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