The Best Three Parks for your Uganda Safari

Join us for your Uganda Safari and visit the 3 best parks in the country rich in primates and game. Get amazed discovering the hidden treasures in their natural environment, enjoy close encounters with Chimpanzee and mountain gorillas.


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Come and explore the living jungle while on a Uganda safari with our professional local guides. The 3 best parks to visit will include:-

Kibale Forest National Park

This is famous for Chimpanzee Habituation and Chimpanzee trekking experience, the Chimpanzee walks embarks on from the Kanyanchu Visitor center at 08.00 & 15.00 and lasts 2 to 3 hours. Chimpanzee are the most sought after primate by visitors, but you should look out for the black & white Colobus, red tailed monkey or the grey-cheeked mangabey. Your guides will be able to show you pittas & different bird species.

Visit the renowned Bigodi wetland sanctuary located on the fringe of Kibale National Park where guided tours are conducted along a path through the wetland at time along boardwalk trail.  Bigodi is a birder’s paradise with 138 bird species having been identified there including the crowd please Great Blue Turaco. The sanctuary is also home to 8 primate species including the black and white Colobus, red Colobus, mangabey, red tail, vervet, and L’Hoest.

Don’t miss to explore the enchanting Crater Lakes, tea plantation, vanilla farms and coffee plantation during your visit around Kibale Forest National park.

 Queen Elizabeth National Park

This wildlife park is known for its rich biodiversity, wildlife and history. In the southern part of the park, the remote Ishasha sector is home to tree-climbing lions who spend long lazy days dozing in the pretty fig trees.  The Uganda Kob, a type of antelope, are watched carefully by the tree lions while grazing the plains   Around Lake Edward, enjoy fishing and more game watching – make sure to look out for chimpanzees, elephants, crocodiles, and perennial and migratory bird species.

While in Queen Elizabeth National Park, embark on a game drive in the open grasslands of Kasenyi. The park is a primary game viewing area due to the variety of wildlife which includes antelopes, elephants, buffalos, and lions. You will always be accompanied by an experienced guide able to track down these animals.

The boat Safari along the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park remains the biggest highlight. Visitors may encounter herds of elephant, buffalo and antelope, families of warthog, large groups of hippo, and crocodiles basking on the shore.  Kazinga’s shores are a haven for numerous birds, including many migratory species as they make their way south to warmer climates. The cruise also provides a spectacular view of the beautiful Mweya Peninsula and life in local fishing villages set along the banks.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Located in south-western Uganda, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is said to be Africa’s oldest rainforest. It is world-renowned for its excellent gorilla-sighting opportunities – the forest is home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas on earth. This park is popular for gorilla tracking in Uganda.  Come and explore the untouched forest, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its breath-taking natural beauty and unique ecological significance, and aside from the amazing gorilla interactions, there are other draw cards such as a network of forest walks, over 340 species of bird to spot, and a variety of brightly-coloured butterflies to identify.

In one of our 10 Days Best of Uganda Safari, you will be able to explore the 3 best parks of Uganda, perfect for the traveller who wants to experience the highlights of Uganda.

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