The unrivaled natural beauty on a Kidepo safari in Uganda

The natural beauty of a Kidepo Safari in Uganda is so mesmerizing from the changing landscape from lush green, dry, undulating, and brown, to mountainous sceneries within minutes. Kidepo Valley National Park lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between Uganda’s borders with South Sudan in the North West and only 5km from the eastern border of Kenya, some 700km from Kampala. Boasting a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species.


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As you might expect, the journey to Kidepo is an exciting and unique way to get there. By road, this takes through countryside villages and homesteads for a typical experience of a traditional stay in the country. The flight safari option gives you scenic views of this remote Karamojong region, enjoy the open, savannah terrain, and make the Narus Valley the park’s prime game viewing location, especially with its dense populations of Lion, Buffalos, Elephant and many similar angulates.

So what to expect on a Kidepo Safari in Uganda?

Abundant Game viewing.

Kidepo Valley National Park is a great opportunity to see animal species in their natural home which are over 86 species of mammals, and among the Carnivore species unique to Kidepo and only the Karamoja region include the bat-eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, cheetah, and hunting dog. Night game drives offer another side of the Park in a unique way and an incredible experience. This exposes you to the nocturnal animals such as Cheetah, Guenther’s dik-dik, and Reedbuck to mention a few, not forgetting to encounter some of the predators like the lions, and leopards feeding on their hunted prey, they can also be found lying on the rocks in Narus valley. Kidepo Valley National Park is a great choice for combining safari and cultural encounters in Uganda.

Endless Bird watching in Kidepo Valley National Park.

This is the second Park in the birding area in Uganda after Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Park is only being discovered by bird lovers and more bird species are being added to the checklist of over 475 recorded species. Kidepo Valley National Park is good for semi-arid species which cannot be found in other parts of Uganda such as the Ostrich which is certainly a sight to see in this park. It is also outstanding for its bird prey with 58 species recorded in the area.

Hiking & Bush walks.

This is a very interesting activity in Kidepo National Park and is usually carried out a few kilometers from the Park Headquarters on Lamoj Mountains. The magnificent Kidepo river valley dominated by Borassus palm forest can be viewed by interested visitors. The hiking lasts about 11km from Kidepo Valley lies the Kanangorok hot springs one may visit too, and also go head to Narus valley that situated in the southwest of the park.

The Remote Cultural Experience.

Visit the colourful vibrant tribes of the Karamojong & Ik living around Kidepo Valley National Park that takes you through to the Karamojong homesteads locally called manyattas and probably kraals to see traditional costumes, stools, spears headdresses, knives, bows, and arrows, and jewellery. If interested, one can buy some of the Karamojong traditional items from the park tourist office. Immerse yourself in a traditional performance of dances such as the Emuya of the Naporre and Nyanga, ethnic groups, and Larakaraka and Apiti dances of the Acholi.

Where to stay while on a safari to Kidepo National Park.

For an unforgettable stay in Kidepo with the beautiful vastness of African gems, you can choose to stay at Apoka Safari Lodge, Adere safari lodge, and the semi-luxury Nga’moru Wilderness Camp and Kidepo Savannah Lodge.

Spectacular is the word to describe Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda. However, if you are so passionate about the primates, Uganda has the largest population in Africa and make an extension of Bwindi Forests, famous for gorilla trekking safaris, and Mgahinga National Park, this is not only a second home to mountain gorillas but also famous for golden monkey treks in Uganda.

Take time to explore Uganda and discover the real beauty and hidden gems. Speak to one of our destination experts and we will assist you in planning a seamless holiday to Uganda.

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