Travel Further Now & Take a Safari to Rwanda

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Take a Safari to Rwanda and discover an array of unique journeys across the remarkable destination. Be part of the new experiences as travel restrictions continue to drop around the world.

We invite you to All Budget Gorillas Safaris to discover what is waiting for you both wildlife lovers and primate lovers. You can choose to start your Rwanda tour with Akagera National Park, bordering Tanzania in eastern Rwanda, this is central Africa’s largest protected wetland and the last refuge for savannah-adapted species in the country.

Stretching across a vast expanse of low-lying mountains and savannah plains, the park takes in the rolling highlands woodlands, swamp-fringed lakes, and wetlands of the Kagera River along the way. Crocodiles and hippos wallow in the park’s watery basins, predator’s prowl through its acacia groves, and elephants, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, and other animals roam across its grassy plains. Bursting with rich biodiversity, the park features a variety of rare species, as well as a plentitude of mammals and hundreds of bird species. Get an opportunity to explore Akagera National Park on your game drive in an open 4×4 vehicle allowing you maximum game viewing opportunity.

Welcome to your next gorilla escape to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, and set high on the jungle-covered slopes of the volcanic Virunga Mountains, the Volcanoes National Park is best known as a sanctuary for the region’s rare mountain gorillas. Visitors flock here to track gorillas in Rwanda and golden monkeys. You may consider exploring a network of scenic hiking trails, with the beautiful day hike to the Crater Lake on Mount Bisoke being a particular highlight. Make sure to visit the new Dian Fossey Foundation & Ellen De Generous campus.

Your safari to Rwanda is wide and wild as you connect to the forests of Nyungwe, situated in south-western Rwanda, the park is composed of lush tracts of rainforest set high up on fertile mountain slopes. It is one of Africa’s most ancient forests and the home of Rwanda’s sole remaining chimpanzee population, as well as 85 additional mammal species, 43 reptile species, nearly 300 bird species, and over 1000 plant species.

Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is popular here and visitors can enjoy spotting Colobus monkeys and other primates along the forest trails. Don’t miss the thrilling Canopy Walk; it is one of its kind in Africa and offers impressive views of the forest.

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