Tourism in Uganda after the new LGBTQ anti-homosexuality bill passed.

KAMPALA – The new LGBTQ anti-homosexuality bill passed has in no way affected the tourism business in Uganda. Tourism in Uganda remains operational and thriving. On Monday 29th May 2023 President Yoweri Museveni signed the anti-homosexuality bill into law. The ‘new law clarifies that identifying as gay would not be criminalized’ to guests visiting the country and we ask those with keen interest to go ahead and book their safaris to Uganda. Guests that had already booked their adventure holiday, are advised not to cancel as tourism services to all communities await.

Safety for all guests regardless of their affiliations is guaranteed while exploring our beautiful country without any restrictions. The government of Uganda remains committed to protecting all visitors and citizens and upholding their basic rights.

Guests can still enjoy safaris in Uganda even after the new LGBTQ anti-homosexuality bill

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In a statement by the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Anita Among said that the law legislated is ‘to protect the sanctity of the African society and culture’, which is contrary to allegations that the bill is part of a broader degradation of human rights protections. Such allegations put the country’s reputation as a destination for investment, development, tourism, and refugees at risk.

At the time of this publication, gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest National Park were still ongoing and the situation is normal and seamless. Guests through Entebbe International Airport were free to arrive and depart without any restrictions.

No international visitor should be frightened or worried about this anti-homosexuality bill, so visitors are urged to visit this destination – which is home to mountain gorillas, for safaris of a lifetime. Over half of the world’s remaining 1,063 mountain gorillas thrive in Uganda, and they reside in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

In addition to mountain gorillas, Uganda also inhabits a variety of other interesting primates including more than 5,050 chimpanzees, golden monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, red-colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and olive baboons, etc.

Destination Uganda isn’t only a destination for primate lovers, but also with the highest concentrations for wildlife. All the big five game and many small mammal species survive in the different parts of Uganda. The must-visit parks for wildlife safari holidays include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, and Kidepo Valley National Park.

A press statement issued by a joint tourism fraternity body guarantees all tourists into the country a safe place to enjoy nature and culture. “All guests planning to visit Uganda are guaranteed of safety and peace throughout their holiday period and should expect a seamless journey to Uganda”.

Some law makers and senior citizens are preparing an appeal in challenging the enacted law in the courts of law.

The new LGBTQ anti-homosexuality bill passed will have no harm to any tourists visiting and exploring the country.

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