Kayaking on twin lakes

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Are you prepared for an adventure on some of the most riveting water bodies in Rwanda? Explore the phenomenal Twin Lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo on a kayak. Spend some quality and secluded time with friends, colleagues or family by taking in the jaw-dropping sights along the shores and smaller Islands on the Lakes. During this kayaking adventure, you can spot the mammals especially otters, lots of bird species and sometimes monitor lizards that call the Twin Lakes home.

Surprisingly when you mention Kayaking activities on Rwanda’s Lakes, most people will naturally think of Lake Kivu. From the Capital, travellers simply bypass Musanze district en-route to Gisenyi area, shores of Lake Kivu not knowing the real adventure and more over in seclusion is actually enjoyed from the Twin Lakes. This is one of the reasons why these magnificent Lakes have often been referred as one of the “neglected gems” of the country’s safaris.

The combination of the jaw-dropping Lake-side sceneries, kayaking adventures and the perfect proximity to the endangered mountain gorillas in nearby Volcanoes National Park is actually more reason why you have to explore the Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera. The kayaking trips also lead to the Islands, where travellers are offered an introduction to the local cultures of traditional fishing villages and the chance to relish jaw-dropping mountainous and hilly views that surround the Lakes, the most outstanding being the peak of Mount Muhabura that looms magically over the scenery.

Additionally, the beautiful sights of boats, canoes and kayaks criss-crossing the calm waters are also spectacle to behold during kayaking on the Twin Lakes. Not only that, the sight of local fishermen cramming into local fishing boats and singing fishing different slogans also characterize your kayaking adventure.

How where the Twin Lakes formed?

Bulera and Ruhondo are referred as Twin Lakes because of their close proximity to each other and ate separated by a one-kilometer stretch of land. These beautiful water bodies were formed when Lava from erupting Mount Sabyinyo during the Pleistocene period blocked River Nyabarongo thus changing its course. The River now flows south-eastwards to join River Akanyaru. The combined area of these Twin Lakes is 28 square kilometers and boasts of steep and magnificent rolling hills surrounding its deep-blue waters as well as views of nearby Virunga Mountains.

Besides kayaking, other interesting tourist activities you can enjoy on the Twin Lakes include boat rides, bird watching tours with sights of cormorants, Hammerkop, grey-crowned cranes, malachite and pied kingfishers, African fish eagles and darters are relished. Also enjoy guided nature walks to the surrounding areas of the Twin Lakes and so much more.

When is the ideal time of the year to go kayaking on the Twin Lakes?

Most kayaking tours on the Twin Lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo are normally undertaken during the dry season (from December to February and June to September) because it is marked by warm weather thus offering perfect paddling conditions in addition to coinciding with peaks of wildlife viewing time in Rwanda.

What to pack on a kayaking trip on the Twin Lakes?

Do you have plans of kayaking on the Twin Lakes in Rwanda? If yes, it is important to have a kayaking tour checklist and therefore don’t leave out the essentials like a T-shirt and pair/s of shorts if the trip is planned for the dry season, dry suit if your trip is planned for the rainy season, wet shoes, pair of binoculars, dry bag for keeping your phone from getting wet, sun protection (in form of wide brim hat and sunglasses), healthy snacks, paddling gloves, good camera, enough drinking water, to mention but a few.

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