6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour from Nairobi City

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour from Nairobi City

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, starting from the vibrant city of Nairobi. Begin your adventure by immersing yourself in the breathtaking wilderness of Masai Mara Reserve, renowned for its spectacular wildlife migration. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and other animals as they traverse the vast plains in search of greener pastures. Your 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour experience here promises thrilling encounters with Africa’s iconic Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos – against the stunning backdrop of the savannah landscape.

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After an exhilarating wildlife safari in Kenya, board a flight to Entebbe, Uganda, where a whole new adventure awaits. Upon arrival, set out on a scenic drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to one of the world’s last remaining populations of mountain gorillas. Prepare for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience as you journey deep into the dense jungle in search of these majestic creatures. Led by experienced 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour guides, traverse rugged terrain and lush vegetation until you encounter a gorilla family in its natural habitat. Witnessing these incredible primates up close is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you in awe of the wonders of the natural world.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Delve deeper into the rich cultural heritage of Uganda with a visit to the Batwa Cultural Village. Immerse yourself in the traditions and customs of the Batwa people, one of Uganda’s indigenous forest-dwelling tribes. Gain insight into their traditional way of life, including hunting techniques, music, and dance, as you interact with community members and learn about their deep connection to the forest. This immersive cultural experience offers a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Uganda’s diverse cultural tapestry while supporting local communities. With its perfect blend of wildlife encounters and cultural immersion, the 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of East Africa.

Exploring Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Gorilla Safari Lodge | Uganda

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour Highlights


Detailed 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi City and Transfer to Masai Mara National Reserve, Have Evening Game Drive

On the first day of your adventure-packed 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, your journey begins with the excitement of arriving in Nairobi City, a bustling metropolis teeming with cultural vibrancy and urban energy. Upon landing, you’re greeted by the warm East African sun and a sense of anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. After a smooth transfer from the airport, you embark on a picturesque drive towards the iconic Masai Mara National Reserve, a quintessential African safari destination renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

As you traverse the rugged terrain, anticipation builds with every passing mile, knowing that you’re about to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife habitats. Upon arrival at the reserve, you’re welcomed by the sight of endless savannah stretching to the horizon, dotted with acacia trees and punctuated by dramatic rock formations. After settling into your luxurious accommodation, the anticipation peaks as you prepare for your first game drive. With the guidance of expert local rangers, you set out into the wilderness, eager to encounter Africa’s iconic wildlife in their natural habitat.

As the golden hues of the setting sun bathe the landscape in a warm glow, you’re treated to an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature, witnessing herds of elephants, graceful giraffes, majestic lions, and elusive leopards against the backdrop of the sweeping plains. With each passing moment, you’re captivated by the raw beauty and untamed majesty of the Masai Mara, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey through the heart of East Africa.


Day 2: Full Day Adventure in Masai Mara National Reserve (Game Drive, Hot Air Balloon, Maasai People Visit, Great Migration)

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari

Masai Mara National Reserve

On the second day of your remarkable 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, you awaken to the promise of a full day immersed in the wonders of Masai Mara National Reserve, a landscape that pulses with the heartbeat of Africa. As the first rays of dawn paint the sky in hues of pink and gold, you embark on an exhilarating game drive, venturing deep into the heart of the reserve in search of its iconic inhabitants.

With each turn of the trail, anticipation mounts as you encounter a mesmerizing array of wildlife, from towering elephants to graceful antelopes, and perhaps even the elusive big cats prowling through the tall grass. After a morning filled with unforgettable wildlife sightings, you’re presented with the opportunity to take your 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour adventure to new heights – quite literally – with a thrilling hot air balloon ride over the Mara.

Drifting serenely above the savannah, you’re treated to a bird’s-eye view of the vast landscape below, witnessing the majesty of the Masai Mara unfold beneath you as the sun bathes the plains in a soft golden light. Touching down gently upon the earth, your senses are reawakened by the sights and sounds of the reserve, ready to delve deeper into its rich cultural tapestry. Later in the day, you have the privilege of visiting a Maasai village, where you’re welcomed with open arms into the warm embrace of this ancient and proud tribe.

Immersing yourself in their vibrant culture, you gain insight into their traditional way of life, learning about their customs, rituals, and deep spiritual connection to the land. As the day draws to a close, you find yourself at the heart of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles – the Great Migration. Standing on the banks of the Mara River, you witness a seemingly endless procession of wildebeests and zebras as they brave the treacherous waters in search of greener pastures, their hooves thundering across the plains in a symphony of movement and sound.


Day 3: Morning Game Drive and Transfer Back to Nairobi and Fly to Entebbe Airport

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari

Flight from Masai Mara/Nairobi to Entebbe Airport

On the third day of your extraordinary 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, you awaken to the soft light of dawn filtering through the canvas of your tent, signaling the start of another day filled with adventure and discovery. After a hearty breakfast, you set out on a morning game drive, eager to witness the Masai Mara’s wildlife awakening to the new day. As your safari vehicle navigates the winding trails of the reserve, you’re treated to a symphony of sights and sounds – from the playful antics of lion cubs to the graceful movements of giraffes browsing on acacia leaves.

With each passing moment, you’re reminded of the profound beauty and diversity of Africa’s wilderness. After bidding farewell to the Mara and its inhabitants, you embark on a 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour journey back to Nairobi, where a new chapter of your adventure awaits. Upon arrival, you’re whisked away to the airport, where you board a flight bound for Entebbe Airport, the gateway to Uganda’s untamed wilderness and vibrant culture. As the plane soars through the skies, you reflect on the unforgettable experiences and memories you’ve already made, knowing that even greater adventures lie ahead in the enchanting land of Uganda.


Day 4: Early Morning Scenic Drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari

Mountain gorilla trekking Uganda

As the sun begins its ascent over the horizon on the fourth day of your captivating 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, you eagerly anticipate the next leg of your journey – a breathtaking early morning scenic drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Setting out from your accommodation in the soft light of dawn, the landscape unfolds before you in a mesmerizing tapestry of mist-shrouded valleys, towering mountains, and lush forests teeming with life.

Along the winding roads, you catch glimpses of local villages awakening to the new day, their vibrant colors and bustling activity adding to the rich tapestry of the Ugandan countryside. As you traverse rugged terrain and winding mountain passes, each twist and turn reveals new vistas of unparalleled beauty, showcasing the diverse ecosystems that make Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a true jewel of Africa.

With each passing mile, anticipation builds for the 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour adventures that await in this pristine wilderness, where majestic mountain gorillas roam amidst ancient forests and cascading waterfalls. As you draw nearer to your destination, the anticipation mounts, knowing that you’re about to embark on an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience that will bring you face to face with some of the planet’s most magnificent creatures.


Day 5: Enjoy Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest and Batwa Cultural Village Visit

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

On the fifth day of your enthralling 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, you’re greeted by the lush greenery and mist-laden air of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as you prepare for an unforgettable encounter with mountain gorillas. With experienced guides leading the way, you venture deep into the heart of the ancient forest, where every rustle of leaves and chirp of birdsong heightens the sense of anticipation. As you trek through dense foliage and tangled vines, the mystical atmosphere of the forest envelops you, transporting you to a realm untouched by time.

Suddenly, the silence is broken by the unmistakable sounds of gorillas in the distance, and your heart quickens with excitement. Emerging from the dense undergrowth, you’re met with the soul-stirring sight of a gorilla family – majestic silverbacks, tender mothers, and playful juveniles – going about their daily lives in their natural habitat. With bated breath, you observe their gentle interactions and powerful presence, feeling a profound connection to these magnificent creatures and the fragile ecosystem they call home.

After an awe-inspiring encounter with the gorillas, your 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour adventure continues with a visit to the Batwa Cultural Village, where you’re welcomed into the warm embrace of the indigenous Batwa people. Immersing yourself in their ancient traditions and customs, you gain insight into their rich cultural heritage, from traditional dances and rituals to age-old hunting techniques passed down through generations. As you listen to their stories and share in their way of life, you’re reminded of the importance of preserving the cultural diversity and natural wonders that make Uganda such a unique and captivating destination.


Day 6: Drive Back to Entebbe Airport and Departure Back Home

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

On the final day of your enriching 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, you bid farewell to the captivating landscapes and warm hospitality of Uganda as you embark on the journey back to Entebbe Airport. As you traverse the winding roads that lead from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to the bustling city of Entebbe, you find yourself reflecting on the myriad of unforgettable experiences and cherished memories that have woven themselves into the fabric of your journey.

The rugged beauty of Uganda’s wilderness, the soul-stirring encounters with mountain gorillas, and the vibrant tapestry of its cultural heritage all linger in your mind, etched forever in your heart. As you approach the airport, a sense of nostalgia washes over you, tempered by the knowledge that though you’re 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour adventure may be coming to an end, the spirit of exploration and discovery ignited during your time in East Africa will continue to inspire and enrich your life for years to come.

With a deep sense of gratitude for the wonders you’ve witnessed and the connections you’ve forged, you bid farewell to Uganda, carrying with you the promise of new horizons and adventures yet to unfold.

End of 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour

6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Airport transfer
  • Full board accommodation as per the itinerary
  • 4WD safari vehicle
  • Coffee tour
  • Permits for trekking Gorillas and Chimpanzees,
  • Game drives
  • Boat trips
  • Park fees
  • Services of an English-Speaking 6 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Tour Driver/guide.
  • Guided nature walks
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Rhino trekking
  • Top of the falls visit
  • Boat trip to the source of the Nile.
  • Sipi falls visit
  • Lunch enroute
  • Community visit
  • Cultural visit to Kidepo
  • Nature/bush walks
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Our assistance.

Safari Exclusions

  • Other drinks apart from bottled water
  • Laundry
  • Tips to local guides
  • Telephone expenses
  • Porter fees while trekking Gorillas and chimpanzees
  • Cigarettes

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