Cleo hotel Lake Kivu

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CLEO Lake Kivu Hotel

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel is for the travellers who wish to unravel the Lake Kivu magic locked up in its breathtaking views, as enjoyed from every corner of the facility. Guests here take in the private atmosphere with a feeling of “home away from home”. This new Paradise overlooks the stunning Lake Kivu from the hillside with possibilities of relishing privacy while being your base for venturing into the endless adventures as well as unwinding opportunities.

Visitors to Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel relish the tropical retreat of farm-to-table dinning, the seclusion of its luxurious swimming pool as well as soothing spa treatments that make guests to extend their stays more than earlier planned. With its refreshing and customized packages for couples, families and group travellers, expect to receive the warmest welcome at “murugo heza” experience.

Rooms at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

A total of 18 rooms are found at this luxurious Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel and are categorized into 3 varying categories in form of Apartment, King Suite and Villa. Each of the rooms is child-friendly and has air-conditioning, telephone, and many others.

The Villa

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel’s Villa shelters the luxurious presidential suite, two junior suites as well as a standard room. Other amenities at this unique villa are kitchenette, vast living area, dining area, stocked wine bar hence making it the ideal option for group tours, family travellers and Company executives yearning for the seclusion and comfort that an accommodation facility can offer.

King Suite

The King suite is beautifully designed with four master bedrooms providing magnificent private bathrooms, vast living and dining area where guests can relax and get entertained, a stunning open private kitchen, open private bar where guests sip some of the finest wines and beer, a cozy fire place and most interestingly overlooks the spectacular Lake. Additionally, these suites provide exceptional décor that blends the classic grandeur with timeless tranquility. Also, there is a private balcony strategically located to look into Lake Kivu and comes with custom fabrics and colors that highlight the natural surroundings.  Enjoying views of the boundlessly breathtaking landscape is the reality of guests that stay within these suites.

Other facilities and services visitors should expect at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

Travellers planning to stay at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel should expect a beautiful and private outdoor swimming pool, fully-equipped fitness center for travellers who wish to keep up with their exercise regime, a massage and spa center, a lounge and barbeque dining terrace where the open bar is found. There is also a spacious restaurant where most of the Hotel’s meals are served and enjoyed.

About the beautiful Lake Kivu

This is the 3rd deepest of the African Great Lakes and is found on the Rwanda-Democratic Republic of Congo border. Travellers have great chances of enjoying swimming in the clean blue waters, kayaking, Island tours, sunset fishing tours where the local fishermen can also be visited, cultural experiences, tea and coffee tours, guided nature walks and cycling along the shores of Lake Kivu, boat cruises and so much more.

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