Aramaga rift valley lodge

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Floating up the beautiful clouds at an altitude of 5249 feet on the Great Rift Valley escarpment and offering the opportunity of immersing in one of the most biodiverse regions of the African Continent is the magnificent Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge. This beautiful place of Lodging makes it possible to enjoy views of the Blue Mountains of Democratic Republic of Congo of experiencing the African Rift valley (referred as the Cradle of humanity.

When it comes to sceneries and views, the stupendous Aramaga Rift Valley stands out from the rest of the accommodation facilities in the same region, owing to the fact that it overlooks the Continent’s phenomenal Great Rift Valley, the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori Mountains), the stunning Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve and on clear days have views of the Blue Mountains. That’s not all to this Safari Lodge because it also boasts of riveting views of the magnificent Lake Albert.

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is one of the environmentally friendly and sustainable Lodges with most of its operations aimed at protecting the natural environment like use of renewable solar energy, locally sourcing products, most vegetable and fruits being harvested from the on-site organic gardens, existence of eco-friendly green roofs, practicing reforestation as well as locally sourcing construction raw materials and filtering local spring water.

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge accommodation options and amenities

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge offers accommodation in form of pods, which boast of 180-degree viewing windows thus guests here have Paradise at their fingertips. The 6 space-themed pods (named Gravity, Moonshot, Orbit, Starship, Supernova and Galactic) are individually designed to reward visitors with the incredible views as well as natural curves of the surrounding landscape, as a way of creating a private and highly personal experience within a stress-free environment as well as touch of luxury.

Moonshot Pod

This exceptional room is more airy for family or group travellers with a large King-size bed known as “French Double beds”.

Nonetheless, all the Pods offer the much needed privacy and space to completely relax, relish breathtaking views from the comfort of the bed, sitting area or rooftop tub. Besides the large beds and spacious sitting area, also expect green roofs with a rooftop bathtub that offers the perfect natural Jacuzzi experience marked by clear sky, Valley and Mountain views.

Interesting Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge facilities and services enjoyed by visitors

The observatory

This is a spectacular area to unwind alone or with other guests and features comfortable seats, fireplace that is always lit for interaction during cold evenings and socializing.

Other unmissable amenities/facilities provided to guests of Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge are free Wi-Fi connection, free laundry service, a beautiful infinity swimming pool that also helps in recovering from the day’s adventures but most importantly provides views of the Valley and far-flung mountains. If the outdoor swimming pool doesn’t excite you, then you can try out the rooftop tub on your pod that offers privacy for a maximum of two guests.

Mouth-watering meals from locally-sourced ingredients are prepared by some of the most experienced chefs and cater for the needs of dairy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan visitors. Dining here isn’t just about food but also a journey of discovery as the chefs put a unique touch and passion on everything prepared and served to guests. Dining can be done at the comfort of your pod or at the cozy observatory.

You can choose to escape the usual life of Aramaga Rift valley Lodge by trying out the outdoor yoga platform where your mind, body and soul will be calmed and rejuvenated by nature where fresh air, chirping birds through the Valleys and Mountains as well as breathtaking views are provided.

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