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Comfortably lying close to the edge of the extinct Volcanic Crater Lake, at the foot of the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori Mountains) is the awe-inspiring Kyaninga Lodge. This Luxury Lodge sits within an area where the Great Rift Valley meets the Great Congo Basin. For travellers that stay here, unwinding and refreshment is what they are treated to while exploring the unblemished parts of Africa in style and luxury.

The Safari Lodge was established as a vision and 6 years of relentless commitment of one passionate man in trying to create unequalled experience of the Continent’s natural Beauty like no other. Travellers are guaranteed of tasting the thrill of Mother Nature as well as privacy of this untouched region while spending overnights at the height of opulence as well as style. Stupendous rooms within Cottages, classic dining as well as wide range of adventures wait guests of Kyaninga Lodge.

Accommodation options and amenities offered at Kyaninga Lodge

A total of 9 private cottages, beautifully decorated from hand-crafted logs and the fact that they are isolated and sit on raised platforms make them second to none. Here, seclusion and serenity is provided by each spacious cottage in addition to being provided the choice of Double or Twin beds, marked by soft bed linen ads well as feather pillows.

Also relished within these Cottages is the sitting area that leads to the private deck, where guests are served morning coffee/tea spiced by views of the Rwenzori Mountains as well as the Kyaninga Crater Lake. They also feature en-suite bathrooms with comfortable basins atop beautifully crafted Elgon Olive pedestals, free-standing bathtubs as well as extraordinary glass-walled showers that are very rare among wilderness accommodation facilities in the country.

Kyaninga Lodge’s exceptional facilities and services

The Lounge and dining area of Kyaninga Lodge is within the main building and provides fine 3-course dining based on traditional European cuisines made of local ingredients. Interestingly, most of these ingredients are grown and picked from the on-site Kitchen garden or the local markets.

Guests normally relax by the fire at the Lounge area, while sipping cold drinks from the fully-stocked bar. These are accompanied by the jaw-dropping views of Lake Kyaninga and while here, guests experience the feeling of living in Paradise and at some point have the desire to extend their stay. Also provided at the main Lodge building is free wireless internet where guests can keep in touch or share experiences with loved ones back home.

The swimming pool at Kyaninga Lodge overlooks the Crater Lake and is surrounded by pavers that cut from the local volcanic rocks. This unique pool interestingly features two wooden decks thus offering the ideal space for relaxing as well as refreshing. Nothing will offer peace and rejuvenation to your body, mind and soul like swimming in the cold waters while taking in the views of Lake Kyaninga as well as the far-flung mountains.

Experiences enjoyed by Kyaninga Lodge visitors

Kyaninga is one of the few Lakes in the country that are safe for swimming yet its brim is the ideal starting point to your journey of discovering within the hidden Paradise. The moment you step out of the Cottage, be sure of enjoying several games, unwinding, playing tennis, guided nature walks around the Crater Lake and surrounding Forest.

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